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Beijing CRVAB Bio-technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009, the products fall into 3 divisions: animal nutrition, food additives and fertilizers. In animal nutrition division, the main products are feed additives like phytase, Xylanase, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans... The products cover more than 40 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide and exports to more than 30 countries and regions. After nearly 10 years of hard work, CRVAB has developed into a modern biological manufacturing enterprise, national high-tech enterprise and global leading enterprise of enzyme&probiotic industry. In recent years, CRVAB has constructed production bases in Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia CRVAB Bio-technology Co.,Ltd.) and DaXing to complete the industry chains to enlarge cost advantages and improve competitiveness. Meanwhile, subsidiaries have been set up in Hongkong to improve operation effectiveness and optimize customers’ experience. With the involvement of world class partner companies like Kemin insustry, CRVAB set its goal as “globally leading provider of nutrition and health solutions”. CRVAB will take cutting-edge biotechnology as the direction, operate on international platform, build a high-tech, high-efficiency and high-quality value chain through business combination management and combination of light and heavy assets, establish an international outstanding brand, transform from a producer to a provider of "products + services". CRVAB made clear the development path with the above efforts. In the future, we will continue to push for industrial progress and create wonderful life together by forming a competition environment of technology driven, resources economic and environment-friendly, leading healthy and green development and realizing mutual benefits of enterprises, customers and employees. More