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Alpha Galactosidase

Alpha Galactosidase

Product Specification:

2,000U/g, white powder.

Activity Definition:

Under the condition of 37 ℃ and pH 5.5, what 1μmol p-nitrophenol that is released by p-nitrophenol-α-D Pyran galactose glucoside solution with concentration of 10mmol every minute required enzyme amount is a α-galactosidase activity unit.


α-galactosidase belongs to the incision enzyme, which can hydrolyze substances that contain galactose galactoside key and eliminate the anti nutrient factors. This product adopts excellent strains by liquid fermentation and special post-processing technology.

Product Efficacy:

1. To degrade anti-nutritional factors like galactoside in feed, reduce chime viscosity.

2. To destroy the plant cell wall structure, promote nutrient to release in cells, improve the utilization efficiency of nutrients in feed.

3. To eliminate inhibition of anti-nutritional factor on IGF-I on the secretion of insulin, promote the synthesis of protein.

4. To degrade flatus-producing factor of legumes feed, reduce young animal diarrhea rate coursed by beans raw.


According to the application effect, 50-150 g/ton evenly mixed with feed.

Shelf Life:

At 25 ℃, solid enzyme can be stored for 12 months, the enzyme activity will not be lower than the product labeling activity within the shelf life; Below 4 ℃,it can be stored for longer time.

Storage Conditions:

It is recommended to be stored in the dry and cool environment, keep from sun and rain, strictly no toxic and harmful substances mixed.

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